I was at a macaroon workshop Lyza did last week.
It was just perfect. I couldn’t believe that I could. But she instructed, explained, guided, spiced it up with stories.
It turned out perfect. And since then I haven’t stopped making them at home.

Anna Deutsch

So today I arrived at a macaroon workshop Lyza taught, I met a stunning woman full of energy and knowledge from here till…
Lyza thank you very much for everything it was just amazinggggg I can’t wait until the next workshop

Rinat Atia-dai

Lyza you’re amazing I had a great time at the workshop, you explained everything in detail and with your energy there’s no way that you can’t succeed, thank you dear

elinor shukri

Lyza is a champion! Professional, gives excellent tips and a great teacher. A day of learning which is full of enjoyment along with a cool and vibrant personality, making learning an experience and teaching with accuracy.

Limor Karlik Koren