A comprehensive course for baking professions



Lyza Tuval, the leading and loved baking guru is launching the first comprehensive course for baking professions, the only one of its kind in Israel!
All the methods, all the tups as well as guest meetings with Israel’s leading baking artists, now under one roof!
In 11 sessions, you will have a desired, fulfilling and enjoyable profession! The course takes place in a boutique environment and has room for only five participants! Take into account that we don’t stand with a stopwatch, we are in tune with your creativity and your work and the duration of each session is between five and six hours.
The professional certificate comes at a very fair price as well: 13,800 ILS!
// We commit to this special price for only the first two classes //
Like anything in life, we will start with the basis: the first three sessions will be dedicated to the reason we convened, baking. We will get to know the rules and exceed them with accurate tips, which are not usually shared in other courses! In each session we bake! The experience alongside Lyza and her close instruction is a critical part of the success of the course, and is unique to the course. Whether it is a product you bake and work on at the same session, and whether it is preparation-baking for the next classes.
Do you dream of becoming professional bakers?
To coat, to decorate, to rise with the skycake, to have an in-depth acquaintance with the world of short crust pastry, to sculpt in sugar pastry and more?
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You can pay and up to six installments with no interest
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The workshops take place at Lyza’s studio on 51 Bialik Street, Givat Shmuel , Israel
If you wish to invite me to lecture in your home town, worldwide,
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Since we can’t elaborate down to the egg level, on the edge of the guitar hook, here’s what you’ll learn in the course:

First session - Baking

In the first session we will talk about baking and baking! Get to know the work with rings, learn about the chemistry that makes egg separation so critical, water temperatures, how to bake a high cake and more.

Second session - wrapping and decorating

In the second session we will wrap rectangular cakes, learn to work with piping tips and learn 16 different techniques! In addition, we will learn all about whipped cream. Some of the decorating techniques that the workshop participants will learn: the seashells, ropes, rosettes, various types of use with ruffle and many beautiful and precise decorations.

Third session - advanced piping

In the third session we will focus on the wrapping of the round cake to a smooth texture. After learning the basics, we will start to make complex and beautiful flowers, such as orchid flowers, varicose veins, daffodils and apple blossoms. Precise and spectacular perfection of a variety of beautiful and invested decorations. After the foundation phase and piping technique, we will start the cake design.

Fourth session - SkyCake

In the fourth session we will take off with the skies! We will learn all the same decorations that dress up for the Sky Cake, such as Swiss meringue. We will study sculpture and design with a sugar substitute called ‘Isomalt’. How to make spectacular tempered chocolate elements. We will study the stable cake glazes. We will become experts in color games and learn how each of those things leads to making a perfect Sky Cake. 30 cm cake.

Fifth session - All about cake decor

In the fifth session, we will unpack and re-assemble the sky cake, fill the layers with creams, wrap the cake, play with colors and learn color smeared and the right combination of colors in the cake.
Who said a patent and didn’t get it?

Sixth and Seventh sessions - Shortcrust pastry

In the sixth and seventh sessions we will know the world of shortcrust dough. We will try almond cakes in different shapes, layers and decorations as well as decorate and invest in butter cookies made from completely different dough.
We will learn tow types of shortcrust dough. In one, we baked a cake of crispy dough and in the other baked butter cookies in shapes that would serve us at the next Royal Workshop. From these meeting you will have a shaped cake. You will learn how to make fillers. Creams are correct. Decorate and decorate correctly and bake outside the box!

Eighth and Ninth sessions - Fondant

In the eighth and ninth sessions, we will host the sugar dough artist Tamar Regev, from the “Tamar Al Hahar” studio, for two memorable lessons!

In the first lesson, we will learn how to work with the dough itself: sculpture, wrap, prepare a naive figure, after learning which cake is suitable for wrapping and what the differences are between ganache for cake filling and ganache for topping.
At the next meeting, we’ll make a cake! How to do it right, and mostly stable? We will assemble and design using different techniques.

Tenth session - Air Brush

In the tenth session we will meet with the Airbrush artist, Moti Shemesh. At this stage of the course, the cakes are works of art – in taste and appearance, certainly as we add to the knowledge acquired so far a variety of backgrounds and textures.

Last session

At the last meeting, we conclude that sometimes the celebration is over… A business consultant lecture that will focus and open your mind towards specializing in confectionery. What does it mean to be an independent in this field? Feedback, Certificates and Gift – Professional Baking Equipment Kit.

Unfortunately, the course is so comprehensive and professional .. that i am doubtful we will meet again.