סדנת זילוף לנערות ונערים

Cake decoration workshops


Decoration and whipped cream are synonymous but over the years technique, texture, colors, copies and catheters have been added to these words resulting in a boutique decoration workshop which is both practical and impressive.

You can pay and up to six installments with no interest
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The workshops take place at Lyza’s studio on 51 Bialik Street, Givat Shmuel , Israel
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Frontal demonstration a
d practical instruction
The number of participants
up to 6 participants
workshop duration
about 6 hours
A unique
one-time Workshop

A little bit about the workshop

If you’ve always watched cooking and baking shows on television and you’ve been dreaming to know how to create decorated amazing cakes – you can stop dreaming – in my cake decoration ‘orkshop you will make your dream come true in only 6 hours.

The cake decoration workshop is a perfect toolbox for creating decorated boutique cakes with a “wow” effect, it will start with giving tips and instructions for proper baking, it will continue with frontal guidance and personally coating the cake, and then teaching and experiencing varied decoration techniques, up to perfection – don’t worry, I’ll be there in your personal baking stations to help and relate to you personally.

After you specialize in coating and decorating the cakes, we will learn how to combine elements in compound chocolate like cartoon figures, decorations and writing in templates.

The most important thing – keep in touch: At the end of each worked up I will open an intimate WhatsApp group what I will spoil you with exclusive videos of the techniques we learned at the workshop, so that the information is always there with you and so that you continue creating at home, decorated cakes just like in a boutique confectionery shop.

Cake decoration – art at its best!

Decorated cakes are first of all beautiful, because the decoration upgrades them. Indeed, this is a process that requires great experience, time and accuracy, but this process is worth each and every moment. The six hours in Lyza’s cake decoration Workshop will quickly lead to making home decorated cakes looks like professional cakes that just left the confectionery shop and created by a master artist.

Start at the foundation – the world of baking

In order to get a cake decorated by an artist (you) you have to know the world of baking completely: From the raw materials and their correct baking, through the textures of creams, playing with colors and the different catheters. All these we will learn in the 6 hours of a focused cake decoration Workshop, at the end of which even your shopping list will be accurate – up to the level of the recommended pastry bag and the number of catheters you need at every home.

Tips and secrets of the decoration world

The tips and secrets for baking and receiving the perfect whipped cream would reveal themselves at the stage of the raw materials. As I demonstrate, you will write in your own words everything you want to remember in addition to what is already written in the printed and accurate recipe I brought for you, so that you can reconstruct step by step at home, even before beginning the personal experience.

Decorating together – warm attitude and personal guidance

Since decorated cakes require guidance and accuracy, the number of participants in the workshop is small and the attitude is personal. I go between you and correct for you and with you. We prepare, we taste, and we create. This is a. That is both challenging and enjoying with fast results. Together we will handle coating a square cake (it is for good reason that pastry cakes are usually round), copy a drawing, decorate flowers, leaves, horizontal and vertical lines and frames, while changing colors.