קייטרינג בוטיק לאירועים קטנים

Choux pastry workshop


You know you love eclairs and profiteroles and love churros very much, but from here to preparing them alone – the road is very long. Also, it is not an easy task to know what exactly you’re looking for… so welcome to Lyza Tuval’s choux dough Workshop.

You can pay and up to six installments with no interest
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The workshops take place at Lyza’s studio on 51 Bialik Street, Givat Shmuel , Israel
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Frontal demonstration
and practical instruction
Number of participants
is up to 6 participants
workshop duration
about 5 hours
A unique
one-time Workshop

A little bit about the workshop

What is a choux dough? That delicious dough, from which we can make sweet and savory sins like profiteroles and eclipses or savory gougère made with cheeses. This wonderful dough, which is happy to incorporate a variety of creams and fillers, loves extra high heat and therefore prepares it in a pot rather than in the oven, on and off the stove. In addition, it is a very pampered dough – it only cooperates through non-detoxification in hands due to its high humidity.

Sound complicated? Definately not. You will also be given frontal guidance on the preparation of the dough on the types of filling and personal accompaniment in the individual baking positions, so that at the end of the workshop, you will come out with a variety of baked goods, perfect knowledge in preparing dough for baked goods and 100 percent success!

Choux dough workshop - a big bag of knowledge that requires experience

In theory, choux dough requires four or five ingredients! Practically, this is a complete laboratory condition, which must be studied and experimented with in order to succeed in pouring straight into the oil pot or mold.
This is a great reason why you should not to try to make choux dough alone, but to go to a one-time, professional and full workshop with great tips, which after it you will know how to create airy, delicate and delicious pastries.

Personal attitude and practical experience in small groups

In my studio, I emphasize personal attitude and support for every student, so the number of participants in the workshop is limited! During a choux dough workshop, each participant experiences the entire process, similar to what happens in the largest network of culinary and hospitality schools – the Cordon Blue. For, only through personal guidance and hands-on experience with an experienced teacher will you be assured you will not mess up your mass. It will not be too sparse and not too thick, it will be accurate! You will have a mass – boutique.

Personal workstation for everyone

Once you have been exposed to the raw materials, I will demonstrate the preparation and then you will do the products by you own. Each of you will have a mixer and induction cooker, which you will use and learn how to make choux pastry including fillings and decorations. We will experience sweet and savory, coatings and fillings, from creamy eclairs to salted gougère with cheese.

My commitment to you

I guarantee that your products will look like models in a shop window and taste like heaven. From my invested studio you will come out with all the small and critical details you must know: when to freeze choux dough and why you must not (NOT!) open the oven door just to “check” the baking progress. From the workshops you get baked products and most importantly, immediately huge desire to sign up for another choux dough workshop.