Royal icing workshop


Royal icing is a royal cookie. In order for it to come out perfect, hard and focused work is required.
The result is magnificent and head-turning, guaranteed. These are not just cookies. Royal icing cookies have become a giveaway in events and perfect bouquets.

The workshops take place at Lyza’s studio on 51 Bialik Street, Givat Shmuel , Israel
If you wish to invite me to lecture in your home town, worldwide,
please contact me at +972-50-3737972

Frontal demonstration
and practical instruction
Number of participants
is up to 6 participants
Workshop duration
about 5 hours
A unique
one-time Workshop

Lyza’s recipe – royal icing

My recipe for royal icing: a royal icing cookie made of a good quality cookie from the best raw materials, a cutter from my unique collection, (a collection which was printed by a 3D printing expert) and a design which includes a wild celebration of color, drawings, different shapes and ornamental writing.

The method of learning – familiarizing and demonstration

During the royal icing workshop (or “designed cookies”) we will learn and experience for about five hours, that a boutique cookie in a boutique studio receives boutique attitude…
First of all, we will get to know the raw materials and discover the secrets for successful baking. I will demonstrate while you write, either on your phone on in the printed page I handed out, in your own words, so that you can reconstruct, step by step, at home as well.
The next step is experiencing.

Exposing the secrets of royal icing – the implementation stage

First we will create royal icing in several textures and colors. The colorful cream is based on albumin powder, an edible protein powder which is safe to consume even for small children and pregnant women. We will feel the pastry and the example cookie.
The name of the game is tips, tips and tips, from the temperature of the water to the amount of flour in the grains, the secrets revealing themselves during the workshops are a treasure which you will not be told in other courses, guaranteed.
Afterwards we will learn to draw outlines, to fill in surfaces, to paint freely and to decorate with fans, lace, shells and flowers.

Professional designed cookies workshop

A professional designed cookies workshop teaches the entire science of royal icing, from the basis to complex techniques, and afterwards there is no need for a continuation workshop.
I believe in personal attitude and experiencing each stage of the preparation, and not just observing. After learning, you will be able to implement the studied material and practice using my YouTube channel and my tips videos which will be sent to you personally.

You will leave the workshop knowing the science of designed cookies from A to Z, you will get the expertise by repeating and trying again in your home kitchen, with the spirit of the workshop upon you ?