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In Lyza’s online shop you can find new generation cookie cutters. Cutters used by unique 3D printing and made out of PLA. This is a material made from cornstarch and is considered in the world of baking as one of the most quality materials. The cake Cutters offered in the shop are made of elliptical polyester which is biodegradable and bioactive and made out of Nature’s renewable resources. You cannot boil this product or let it come into contact with boiling water, it must be washed with cold water only.

The moles will serve you to cut cookie dough and will make it easier on you when preparing cakes in unique shapes. Easy work that will save you precious time. Lyza Tuval is using the unique large A3 cutters to moles the cookies, decorate the royal icing cookies and we’ll be happy to show you how to use them in her comprehensive baking workshop: “bake outside of the box”.

Please note: The supply time of the moles is up to 14 days (Israel) OR 45 days (USA)